Bayou City Bash 2023

updated 5/6/2023

The Bayou City, known as Two Stone by the Chaos Dwarves, Hoostentex by the Lizardmen and the Amazon tribes, and Haarsburg by the Skaven is a “free” city on the Isthmus of Lustria run by merchant houses representing many of the major nations of both the old and new world. This year’s tourney is run by the current city council leaders, Paater & Sons Merchants Guild from Middenland, who have brought in a host of famous players from the empire and the old world to participate in this year’s Bayou City Bash, and the most famous human to ever take the pitch, Griff Oberwald, as the Master of Ceremonies.

Date and Location

Saturday, July 8th, 2023
Fat Ogre
525 Sawdust Rd #101
Spring, TX 77380


$30 ($25 If you register by June 14, 2023)
NAF Membership is required, and we will have someone onsite that will help get you signed up at a discounted price.

To pay: Send your registration fee via PayPal (, along with your Name, e-mail address, NAF number, and NAF Name if you are currently member.

To complete registration, send your completed roster to by Saturday, July 2, 2022.

Tournament Schedule

  • 10:00 to 10:20 – Registration
  • 10:30 to 12:45 – Round 1
  • 12:45 to 1:45 – Break/Lunch
  • 1:45 to 4:00 – Round 2
  • 4:00 to 4:15 – Break
  • 4:15 to 6:30 – Round 3
  • 6:30 to 6:45 – Break
  • 6:45 – Awards

Tournament Rules

Unless specifically stated otherwise, we will be using the current “2nd Season” rules for BloodBowl including Deathzone, all Spike Magazines 11 to current, the BloodBowl 2022 Annual, and any additional rules considered official by GW.

This includes:

Teams of Legend Document

NAF Rules for Tournaments 2022

Optional Rules/Clarifications

  • Special Play cards will NOT be allowed.
  • The Illegal Procedure rule will not be in use, nor is the 4-minute “timer” rule. However at the request of either coach a chess clock may be used to get the match on pace to finish on time, however the coaches must supply their own clock (there are free chess clock apps available for most smartphones)
  • Normal resurrection rules are in effect, meaning that SPPs are not recorded and injuries do not carry over between games.
  • The Bayou City Bash Kickoff Table will be used instead of the standard Blood Bowl kickoff table.

Team Building Rules

You are given 1,200,000 gold pieces to build your team using the approved team lists.

  • You may purchase players, rerolls, dedicated fans, coaches, and cheerleaders as normal with this money.
  • Wizards, Journeymen, Special Play cards, and Mercenaries are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Named staff is NOT ALLOWED.
  • You may purchase any other inducements for your team, including up to one of the available Star Players. (Tier III Teams may include up to 2 Star Players.)
  • The only Star Players available are listed below.
  • You must have at least 11 players on your team.
  • If you are including a Star Player on your team, you must have 11 players before hiring a star player.
  • There is no Highlander Rule:  You may have the same Star Player as your opponent.  If both of you attempt to field the same player, then that star player will play for both teams as if he were two different players. Many star players will use magical doppelgangers or time travel in order to collect the exorbitant prices that they can charge.  Also, you cannot use Apothecaries on Star Players.

Allowed Star Players

The Paater & Sons Merchants Guild have taken great pains to make sure that the only available Star Players are Humans, specifically from the Empire, and have actively prevented Star players from other races from coming to the tournament through bribes and other underhanded tactics. The City Council discovered the plan and are requiring all star players available to accept offers from any teams willing to pay their fees. Additionally while Griff will be to busy to play he brought along four of his children.

  • Karla Von Kill
  • Mighty Zug
  • Helmut Wulf
  • Griff’s Kids

Griff Oberwald has never married, but has many children. He has named them all “Griff”, after himself.

“Junior” – Griff Oberwald II
Growing up in his father’s shadow has not been easy for Junior, especially since he plays the same position.
120,000 GP
MA: 7 ST: 3 AG: 3+ PA: 4+ AV: 9+
Skills: Loner (4+), Block, Sprint, Strip Ball
Special: Scion of Griff: Once per half, may attempt to reroll their last roll as if they had Pro (4+)

“Tripps” – Griff Oberwald III
Griff the Third, known as “Tripps” is a skilled thrower and ball-handler.
120,000 GP
MA: 6 ST: 3 AG: 3+ PA: 2+ AV: 9+
Skills: Loner (4+), Fend, Pass, Running Pass, Sure Hands
Special: Scion of Griff: Once per half, may attempt to reroll their last roll as if they had Pro (4+)

“Hippo” – Griff Oberwald IV
Nicknamed “Hippo” by his half brothers and sisters, Griff the Fourth likes being in the trenches where he says “That’s where real Blood Bowl is played.” While “Hippo” Griff’s mother is not comment knowledge, there are rumors that he has ogre blood due to his great size.
160,000 GP
MA: 5 ST: 4 AG: 4+ PA: 5+ AV: 9+
Skills: Loner (4+), Arm Bar, Brawler, Tackle
Special: Scion of Griff: Once per half, may attempt to reroll their last roll as if they had Pro (4+)

“Griffa” – Griff Oberwald V
Griff’s eldest daughter is fast, absolutely destroying her half brothers whenever they race.
170,000 GP
MA: 8 ST: 3 AG: 3+ PA: 5+ AV: 8+
Skills: Loner (4+), Catch, Dodge, Diving Catch, Sure Feet
Special: Scion of Griff: Once per half, may attempt to reroll their last roll as if they had Pro (4+)

Additional Skills

After team is built, you are given 6 Skill points

  • If you have no Star Players you receive an additional 2 skill points
  • Primary skills cost 1 skill point, Secondary Skills cost 2 skill points
  • All skills are assigned before the tournament begins (i.e. no progression) and should be reflected on team rosters.
  • Each player may receive no more than 2 additional skills.
  • You cannot assign more than 3 instances of any specific skill

NAF Tournament Info

This will be a NAF approved tournament. If you wish to receive limited edition yearly gift and have your tournament progress tracked, there will be a NAF official onsite accepting registration for the cost of $5/year. More information can be found at


The time limit WILL be strictly enforced. You will receive ‘Time Remaining’ updates from the Tournament Organizer to help you stay on pace.

When time is called, you will play “even turns”. If you just started turn 7(for example), then you and your opponent each finish turn 7. If the inactive player has already played the current turn the game ends upon completion of the active player’s current turn.

As stated above a chess clock may be requested by either coach after the 1 hour mark.


Only GW, NAF, or Texas Block Dice will be allowed. You are required to share dice with your opponent if requested.


During each round, you will fill out a score sheet to track your progress. At the end of reach round, you will add up the scoring as follows:

  • A WIN is worth 6pts
  • A DRAW is worth 3pts
  • A LOSS is worth 1pts

There is a no championship game the standings will solely be determined by total points

Tiebreakers in order are:

  • Total of all opponents tournament points
  • TD Delta
  • Casualty Delta
  • Total TDs
  • Total Cas
  • TO Discretion


There will be no overtime played. If your game ends in a draw, it’s draw.


All teams are expected to meet the minimum painted guidelines. They must have 3 colors on them and have had some attempt at making them appear finished.


We are here to enjoy the game of Blood Bowl. We expect good sportsmanship. Note that:
Fouling 16 turns in a row and running up the score is not poor sportsmanship, but gloating and ridiculing your opponent while doing so is.


In order to qualify for any award, the coach must complete all 3 rounds.

The following awards will be given out after the last round:

  • Bash Champ – Most Tournament Points.
  • Bash Runner-Up – Second Most Tournament Points.
  • Best Offense – Most TDs
  • Most Bashy – Most Casualties
  • Lil’ Bash Award– Highest rated Stunty Team (Halflings, Goblins, Ogre, Snotling) in the standings
  • Bugman’s Best – Best team as decided by the participants of the event. Tournament Organizer will break ties.
  • Most Sporting – Best Sportsman (as decided by participants. Tournament Organizer will break ties. )

Trickle-down Awardonomics

Coaches will only be eligible for one award. Tournament Organizer will trickle-down an award to the next eligible player. Exceptions are Bugmans Best and Most Sporting which are voted upon by your peers.

This Tournament is NAF Approved
This Tournament is part of the SCARS tournament Series

Bayou City Bash Kickoff Table

2d6 roll
Kick-Off Event

2Get The Ref
The ref has been paid by each of the supporting merchant houses to look the other way.
Each Team gets a free bribe Inducement as described on page 91. This Inducement must be used before the end of the game or it is lost.
Then fans start a riot in the stands temporarily halting the game. By the time order is restored the timekeeper has been hospitalized and his sundial has been knocked over. The referee estimates the time left as best he can.
If the kicking team’s turn marker is on turn 6, 7 or 8 for the half, both coaches move their turn marker back one space. Otherwise, both coaches move their turn marker forward one space.
4Solid Defense
D3+3 Open player on the kicking team may be removed and setup again in different locations, following all of the usual set-up rules.
5High Kick
One open player on the receiving team may be moved any number of squares, regardless of their MA, and placed in the square the ball will land in.
6Boisterous Fans
Some fans get riled up and start throwing food and drinks in commemorative goblets onto the field distracting one or both of the teams on the field.
Both Coaches roll a D6 and add the number of cheerleaders on their Team Draft list. The coach with the lowest total (or in the case of a tie, both coaches) has -1 to their MA on all their players for the next turn, though they may make one one additional rush that turn.
7Lackluster Coaching
One of the supporting merchant houses hires a wizard to cast a feeblemind spell on one of the coaches.
Both coaches roll a D6 and add the number of assistant coaches on their Team Draft list. The coach with the lowest total loses a team re-roll for the drive ahead. If they do not have a reroll to lose the opposing team gains a reroll which, if not used before the end of this drive, is lost. In the case of a tie, neither coach loses a re-roll.
8Changing Weather
Make a new roll on the Weather table and apply result. If the weather conditions are “Perfect Conditions” as a result of this roll, the ball will scatter, as described on page 25, before landing.
9Quick Snap
D3+3 Open players on the receiving team may immediately move one square in any direction.
D3+3 Open players on the kicking team may immediately activate to perform a Move action. One may perform a Blitz action and one may perform a Throw Team-mate action. If a player Falls over or is Knocked Down, no further players can be activated and the Blitz ends immediately.
An assassin hired by one of the supporting merchant houses throws a poison dart at one of the players on the field.
Both coaches roll a D6 and add their Fan Factor to the result. The coach that rolls the lowest randomly selects one of their players from among those on the pitch, in the case of a tie, both coaches randomly select a player. Roll a D6 for the selected player(s), On a roll of 2+, the player is only slightly affected by the poison, is Placed Prone and becomes Stunned. On a roll of 1 however, the player is badly hurt. The coach may use an apothecary (if available) to revive the player and place him in the reserves box.
12Bash ’em All!!!
Overzealous fans storm the field and attack both of the teams.
Both coaches roll a D6 and add their Fan Factor to the result. The coach that rolls the lowest randomly selects 3 of their players from among those on the pitch. The coach that rolls highest randomly selects 2 of their players from among those on the pitch. (In the case of a tie, both coaches randomly select 2 players from among those on the pitch.) All of the randomly selected players are placed prone and become stunned.