Link to Google sheets version of the roster we all need to use.

  • First thing you should do it go to File -> Make a Copy

(I would change the name of the file to the team name)

  • You can create your team on the Team tab
  • After match, fill out the Match Record tab and record SPPs/Upgrade the Players/Buy new stuff on the Team tab
  • Whenever you fire a player, or a player dies, copy the line and add them to Former Players tab.
  • Use the Printable Sheet tab to print the team. (You should use landscape orientation)
  • Leave the Web tab alone. please do not mess with or move it

Once your team is created please send the following to me:

  • Required: Share link to your spreadsheet (please give me edit rights, my email is “temujin71 @ gmail”)
  • Nice to have: Logo if you have one (or description of what you may want if it’s simple. I am not artistic)
  • Nice to have: Short description of the team.