Standings – Schedule – Playoffs Playoff Schedule Quarter Finals Date Team Score (CAS) Team Score (CAS) 4/09/21 Middenland Monarchs 1 (1) vs. Cartel Salamanda 2 (1) 4/16/21 Francisco Flatliners 2 (2) vs. Nebrucks Bonecrushers 0 (0) 4/18/21 Scorched Valley Dragon Punchers 2 (2) vs. Kontemptabl Bassturdz 3 (3) 4/25/21 NewContinue Reading

The Great Cathayan Plague of 2520 continues its course and the face of Blood Bowl has changed. Yahn Pagan Knees, High Priest of the Church of Nuffle, has declared that the Great and Holy Blood Bowl League (GHBBL) is ready to restart it’s regular schedule. We are nearing the endContinue Reading