Kontemptabl Bassturdz

The Bassturdz were formed as a tax dodge by the Bank of Kar Karond’s Albion branch. They figured that this would be a great way to launder money. They spent a pretty penny bringing in proven players like Deeber Scree, Muzel Bl’Keerz, T’Keet Chee, Dakagog Shukzek, and the goblin they thought was Kag Lennagnengud that they had to go bargain barrel to fill out the rest of the positions. They only had 6 players show up for the crush as the word was out that this team was a loser. The players were given a hodge podge of material that could loosely be described as team colors and bits and pieces of miss-matched armor with which to uniform themselves with. The higher paid players got first dibs and the rest had to fight over what was left. The players have not been given much incentive to play well outside of personal glory and the ability to hurt as many of the opponents’ players as possible.

Hamelin Sewer Plague
RosterUnderworld Denizens
Dedicated Fans4
Team Rerolls4
Assistant Coaches2
Team Treasury125k GP
Total Team Value1305k GP
Current Value
1Muzel Bl'KeerzSkaven Clanrat7/3/3+/4+/8+Animosity (Underworld Goblin Linemen), Dauntless3/060k GP
3Pfantom RattisSkaven Blitzer7/3/3+/5+/9+Animosity (Underworld Goblin Linemen), Block, Tackle, Guard7/0110k GP
7Deeber ScreeGutter Runner9/2/2+/4+/8+Animosity (Underworld Goblin Linemen), Dodge, Catch7/495k GP
8T'Keet CheeSkaven Thrower7/3/3+/2+/8+Animosity (Underworld Goblin Linemen), Pass, Sure Hands, Block, Hail Mary Pass13/3115k GP
10Baed P'TeebSkaven Clanrat7/3/3+/4+/8+Animosity (Underworld Goblin Linemen), Block, Dirty Player (+1)15/580k GP
11Rhino SpeenkSkaven Clanrat7/3/3+/4+/8+Animosity (Underworld Goblin Linemen), Dauntless4/160k GP
15Nozod TadatnogjatUnderworld Goblin Lineman5/2/3+/4+/8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Two Heads, SidestepYes14/3
17Dakagog ShukzekUnderworld Goblin Lineman6/2/3+/4+/8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty1/140k GP
21Rekgag TozazutagUnderworld Goblin Lineman6/2/3+/4+/8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Sneaky Git10/750k GP
22Mugkul VazkagajUnderworld Goblin Lineman6/2/3+/4+/8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty4/440k GP
24Zinoz KuztuzUnderworld Goblin Lineman6/2/3+/4+/8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Defensive4/150k GP
27Zagmar DramgazUnderworld Goblin Lineman6/2/3+/4+/8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Sure Feet, Jump Up12/170k GP
53"Furry Rat-Face" D'MasherUnderworld Troll4/5/5+/5+/10+Always Hungry, Loner (3+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-mate, Guard, Arm Bar16/2145k GP
2Stig StiglitzUnderworld Goblin Lineman6/2/3+/4+/8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty0/040k GP
Season 21 Round: 1Zhufbar RhinosDwarf1 - 14 - 1Draw
Season 21 Round: 2Just Good Enough GuysHuman3 - 11 - 2Win
Season 21 Round: 3Screwston DespoilersChaos Dwarf2 - 02 - 0Win
Season 21 Round: 4New Lustria PredatorsLizardmen1 - 10 - 3Draw
Season 21 Round: 5Rusty NailzSkaven0 - 10 - 2Loss
Season 21 Round: 6Meat GrinderzBlack Orc2 - 12 - 1Win
Playoffs 21 Round: QFScorched Valley Dragon PunchersBlack Orc3 - 23 - 0Win
Playoffs 21 Round: SFNew Lustria PredatorsLizardmen1 - 30 - 2Loss
Playoffs 21 Round: 3PCartel SalamandaLizardman1 - 52 - 4Loss
Season 213/2/1