Gold Rush Rampage

Date and Location

Date: 8/13/22
Location: Goldmine Games, Richmond TX. (SW of Houston, TX)
249B Gonyo Lane
Richmond, Texas 77469

Length 3 rounds of 2:30 duration. Registration 10AM, Dice roll at 10:30

Cost of Entry: $30 ($25 if you register by 7/23/22)
NAF Membership is required, and we will have someone onsite that will help get you signed up at a discounted price.

Send your registration fee via Paypal to @joshwhitley7 or along with your Name, e-mail address, and NAF # and NAF Name if you are currently member.
To complete registration, send your completed roster to

Tournament Rules

Unless specifically stated otherwise, we will be using the current “2nd Season” rules for BloodBowl including Deathzone, all Spike Magazines 11 to current, the BloodBowl 2022 Annual, and any additional rules considered official by GW.

This includes:

Teams of Legend Document

NAF Rules for Tournaments 2022

GW FAQ and Errata Nov 2021

Optional Rules/Clarifications

  • The Illegal Procedure rule will not be in use, nor is the 4-minute “timer” rule. However at the request of either coach a chess clock may be used to get the match on pace to finish on time.
  • Normal resurrection rules are in effect, meaning that SPPs are not recorded and injuries do not carry over between games.

What you need to bring

Your painted AND labeled Blood Bowl team
4 copies of team roster, 1 for you, 1 for each opponent
Blood Bowl Field & Dugouts
GW or NAF Block Dice & D8


Registration and Startup10:00 AM – 10:20 AM
Round 1 (random pairings)10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Lunch (1 hour)1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Round 2 (swiss)2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Break4:30 PM – 4:45 PM
Round 3 (swiss)4:45 PM- 7:15 PM
Awards7:30 PM

Team Building

1.75m tournament
Skills 20k/40k No Stunty Discount for Doubles
Max of 8 double skills (does not apply to stunties)

You must roster at least 11 players before inducements.

Inducement Restrictions:
No cards, wizards, or Non-Giant Mercenaries.
No non-star-player inducements that add skills to players.
For example: Grombrindal, the White Dwarf, is allowed, but not Papa Skullbones, nor the Dwarven Runesmith.

One player may have 4 added skills **IF you have NO rostered Star player
One player may have 3 added skills **IF you have one or less rostered Star player
One player may have 3 added skills
All other players may have 2 added skills.
No repeat skill maximum.

Stat up MAX: 3
Limit One ST or AG (not both)
Limit Two MA/PA/AV (You may have two MA and one PA, but not three MA)
Normal Stat Limits apply.
Stat boosts count as one skill
No player may have more than one stat up


Win: 60
Draw: 30
Loss: 10

Bonus points:
Win by 2 TDs +5
Win by 3 or more TDs +10
Lose by 1 TD +2
Per Casualty caused by blocking: +2
Pitch Clearing your opponent +8 (once per game)

Highlander rule in effect for Star players and all named inducements with the exception of Gorkton the Shifter (See Below)
If different named biased referees are hired, they will both officiate the game, and affect the corresponding opposing team.

Special Star Player

Gorkton the Shifter 120k GP

When not rearranging the store room, Gorkton likes to smash some ‘eads on the pitch.
MA 6
ST 3
AG 3+
PA 4+
AV 10+
Loner 4+, Block, Grab
Special Rules: RESET THE CLOCK!
Gorkton decides once again to rearrange someone’s face.
Once per half: After declaring a Blitz Action, Gorkton loses Grab and gains Frenzy, Pile driver and Dirty player +1 for this turn.

General Rules

Normal Blood Bowl Rules apply with the following exceptions

Weather: Top Table will roll starting weather for all tables.

As we are playing in stadiums found, and subsequently built, inside a gold mine. The subterranean weather chart will be in effect across all games. May the gods have mercy on your players should an 11 or 12 be rolled.


To win an award the coach must play in all rounds. Tiebreakers will be determined by the Tournament Organizer as needed. The Tournament Organizer reserves the right to adjust the winners in the best interest of the tournament. (For example, if a coach would win two awards one of the awards may be given to another coach.) If the Tournament Organizer plays because there is an odd number of attendees, they are not eligible for any award.

Goldmine Champion – First place team in standings with the most overall points
Runner-up – Second place team in standings with the most overall points
Clean-up Crew – Coach that finished lowest in standings with the fewest overall points
Warpstone Miner – Team who received the most fan favorite votes
Best Offense – Team that scored the most TDs
Most Brutal – Team that caused the most Casualties from Blocking
Stunty Cup – Stunty team with highest overall points


We are here for the fun of the game. Sportsmanship is not only encouraged from the coaches, it is required! We all have bad luck occasionally, but bad behavior will be addressed by the Tournament Organizer.

Fouling 16 turns in a row, stalling, or running up the score is not poor sportsmanship, but gloating and ridiculing your opponent is.

The Last Word

The Tournament Organizer will be the final arbitrator for any interpretation of the rules. The rules may change without notice.

This Tournament is NAF Approved
This Tournament is part of the SCARS tournament Series