Heatwave Cup 2521/Season 22 Playoffs

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The KFG Heat Wave Championship tournament is fairly new, starting as an independent invitational tournament in 2502, and is currently sponsored by Khemricky Fried Goblin, a restaurant chain specializing in deep fried greenskin. The tournament is played in the desert just south of the City State of Khemri in KFG stadium, a converted pyramid which is also the resting place of Heetwava, the infamous Fire Queen of Khemri. The 2521 Heat Wave Cup Champion gets a Trophy ReRoll once per game until the 2522 Heat Wave Cup is awarded. KFG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yeach! Brands, purveyers of fine foods edible things. (edited for legal purposes)

Quarter Finals

TeamTDsCas TeamTDsCas
Go Black, Never Go Back24vsThriller Redux00
Squig Stompas10vsMoroni’s Marauders00
Screwston Choppers14vsSisters of FLOGGING22
Wyrdos10vsDouble Decker Pecker Wreckers00

Semi Finals

TeamTDsCas TeamTDsCas
Go Black, Never Go Back23vsSquig Stompas 11
Sisters of FLOGGING24vsWyrdos33

3rd Place Match

TeamTDsCas TeamTDsCas
Squig Stompas01vsSisters of FLOGGING12

Championship Match

TeamTDsCas TeamTDsCas
Go Black, Never Go Back01vsWyrdos10


  • Champions: Wyrdos – Human
  • Runner-Up: Go Black, Never Go Back – Black Orc
  • 3rd Place: Sisters of FLOGGING – Amazon
  • Best Offense: Double Decker Pecker Wreckers – Chaos Dwarf
  • Most Brutal: Screwston Choppers – Dwarf
  • Bugman’s Best: Screwston Choppers – Dwarf